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Mental performance is a skill. Just like bouncing a ball and swinging a bat, it takes practice to hone. And just like any other skill, while some are more naturally gifted than others, everyone can master it with practice. 

Training to improve mental skills can take place on the course, in the gym or on the field, but right now most consultations are held virtually. Session topics are personalized to each athlete, but composure, focus, leadership and mindfulness are common themes. 

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a Division I athlete, mental performance can help you find that next one percent. As you train the physical, technical and tactical aspects of your craft, don't neglect the mental game.


Clark Performance Consulting delivers individually tailored mental conditioning programs rooted in cutting-edge research and rich psychological theory that aim to improve performance in sport, the arts, and business.


By harnessing the power of the mind, performers, coaches, and organizations have improved focus, visualization, and present moment awareness while increasing mental toughness.   




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Individual assessment and personally tailored mental conditioning designed to meet and exceed the demands of upcoming competitions, events, and demands of the competitive environment. Mental performance skills are aimed to enhance developed technical and tactical skills to aid in individual performance.  



Make mental performance a part of your team's practice to improve culture, leadership, and specific demands of the competitive environment. Popular topics include focus, visualization, and mindfulness. Leadership is explored through values and goals, while improving accountability to aid in team goals.  


Perfect for coaches clinics, athletic or corporate team-building exercises and summer camps. Have a keynote, talk, or workshop tailored to your specific needs. Previous topics have included values, communication and coaching philosophy in addition to mental performance skills like focus, composure, confidence, and visualization. 




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